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This database is a collection of all the grants represented here on the site. It is navigable through the filters below and is downloadable in excel and csv formats.

Ever want to know how many grants made in July 2020 were over $250,000? Now you can!

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wdt_ID Funder Grantee Grant Amount Grant Type Grant Start Grant End Grant Description
1 Luminate #AfricaNoFilter 500,000 Project/Program 11/01/2019 10/31/2021 To support #AfricaNoFilter, a donor collaborative designed to support innovative narratives on Africa that can change the way both Africans and the rest of the world see the continent. ANF is a fiscally sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.
2 Luminate Abraji - Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo 230,000 General/Core 08/01/2020 05/31/2022 To support The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism - Abraji, a non-profit institution composed of and run by journalists, dedicated to improving Brazilian journalism and defending freedom of expression.
3 Luminate Access Now 851,305 General/Core 10/01/2018 09/30/2020 To support Access Now's Digital Security Helpline, a resource offering real time, direct technical assistance and advice to users at risk around the world, and the work of Access Now Europe.
4 Luminate Access Now 1,100,000 Project/Program 11/01/2020 10/31/2022 To provide general operating support to Access Now and to its work in Central & Eastern Europe.
5 Luminate Accountability Counsel 520,000 General/Core 09/05/2019 08/31/2021 To support the work of Accountability Counsel, which amplifies the voices of communities around the world to protect their human rights and environment.
6 Chandler Accountability Lab 15,000 Other 10/01/2020 10/02/2020
7 MacArthur Accountability Lab 350,000 Project/Program 09/01/2018 08/31/2020
8 OSF Accountability Lab 15,000 Project/Program 09/20/2019 12/31/2020 Learning and Skill-Sharing Exchange 2019
9 OSF Accountability Lab 150,000 General/Core 01/01/2020 06/30/2021 Accountability Lab- General Support 2020-2021
10 OSF Accountability Lab 25,000 Project/Program 07/01/2019 07/01/2020 Accountability Lab - Organizational Health Support Grant 2019
Funder Grantee Grant Amount Grant Type Grant Start Grant End Grant Description