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The recently released Future of Philanthropy Report suggests a need for more, and more useful, data in philanthropy and the need for philanthropists to collaborate not just with each other, but also across sectors.

Tue Sep 19 2023 Read More

The system of international development is broken, warns Reforming International Development, in a recently released consultation paper.

Tue Sep 19 2023 Read More

Rajasvini Bhansali’s work isn't just about organizing wealth, it's about transforming society. In this interview you can get her insights on wealth redistribution and creating a world where everyone has enough. She suggests that donor financing shouldn’t create a situation of inequality but “we need to be in an exchange and understand the different forms of “capital” in circulation.”

Tue Sep 19 2023 Read More

A new research study that analyzes the complex relationship between popular organizations and institutional funding in Asia and the Pacific is now out!. The paper offers lessons into how donors can better understand and support such movement actors, who often receive less support as compared to more institutionalized NGOs

Tue Sep 19 2023 Read More

Ten insights from a convening on "Breaking the Starvation Cycle using flexible funding" for NGOs by Aidan Eyakuze

Mon Sep 18 2023 Read More

In time for the upcoming SDG Summit, the Center for Philanthropy and Social Investments in Chile shares drivers and inhibitors of incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals framework in Latin American philanthropy.

Fri Sep 15 2023 Read More
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