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The Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) is a donor collaborative working toward a democratic world where power and resources are more equally distributed; people are informed and empowered, governments and the corporate sector are open and responsive, and collective action advances the public good.

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(Summary) Fighting Online Lies and Deception Requires Large-Scale Philanthropic Response
While preventing all mis- and disinformation is a daunting task, a comprehensive effort can significantly minimize harm. It's time for philanthropy to confront this crisis with the seriousness it deserves and work together to build a healthier information ecosystem.
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Our Better Accountability, Better Finance consultation paper calls for stronger accountability and transparency in climate finance to unlock the trillions of dollars needed to help the world achieve climate-positive growth and development goals. “Green Accountability” could save more than $100bn a year across public climate finance flows and avoid 3GT of annual GHG emissions, by improving the current system in which some 75% of committed funds remain unspent or undeployed.
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TAI Weekly
TAI Weekly|Creating a Digital Nexus for Collaboration
Imagine a space with the latest good governance-related career, funding, and collaboration opportunities. It's time to create this dynamic shared hub
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