Thu Jun 08 2023

Based on the interview with Romy Krämer, the managing director of the Guerilla Foundation on 10th of May 2023

Eszter Filippinyi (Deputy Director- TAI)
Eszter Filippinyi from the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) asked Romy Krämer about the Guerrilla Foundation's trajectory in shifting its organizational structure to redistribute power. We share some of the conversation highlights below.
Mon Jun 05 2023

#Notes: TAI Funder Call Community Philanthropy in South America: The Case of Socio-Environmental Funds.

Cristina Ordóñez (Program Coordinator-TAI)
TAI held a funder call with three representatives of South American socio-environmental funds to learn more about their model and challenges: Maria Amália Souza, Founder of Casa Socio-Environmental Fund (Brazil), Juan Camilo Mira, Coordinator of Emerger Socio-Environmental Fund (Colombia) and Eduardo Franco, President of Semilla Socio-Environmental Foundation (Bolivia).
Fri Jun 02 2023

What makes for a healthy information ecosystem? New visual tool

Courtney Radsch (Consultant)
TAI has partnered with Dr. Courtney Radsch to map out a vision of what makes for a healthy information ecosystem. This visual and supporting explanation is an analytical tool that shows multidimensional aspects of an information ecosystem that can be used at various levels of analysis.

African women have organised to challenge structural exclusion in their societies for decades. Read their reflections on the powerful movements that African women led, and the role they are playing to build inclusive democracies.

Thu Jun 01 2023 Read More

Green 2.0 has released its 2022 NGO and Foundation Transparency Report Card - an interesting exercise in encouraging organizations to be transparent and accountable in terms of their own diversity.

Thu Jun 01 2023 Read More

More than at any time in recorded history, people around the world are using nonviolent activism to demand change. Donors, however, consistently hesitate to support these grassroots, people-powered movements. The annual rate of funding for grassroots organizing remained at 3 percent from 2011 to 2019, the most recent year for which data is available.

Thu Jun 01 2023 Read More
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